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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Silverstone Qualifying analysis: Red Bull’s one two to lose

Vettel Webber and Alonso formula1 round 10 british grand prix
Red Bull should only fear from technical problems or them selves from losing the British grand prix, As their closest rival Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso is seven tenth slower than them, but maybe Ferrari’s race pace could give Red Bull something to think of.

In the start Mark Webber will be starting from the dirty side of the track so maybe Alonso can make a jump on him, also Rosberg could make McLaren’s problem worse if he overtake Hamilton at the start.

Ferrari's Alonso and Massa silverstone round ten
Felipe Massa should make a great start if he wants to finish on a higher position as he got the pace to challenge the cars in front, McLaren’s Jenson Button will have a hard race tomorrow starting from the seventh row he need a great luck to finish higher in the points.

Button McLaren silverstone 2010
As for tyres all the top ten as usual will be starting with the softer tyre, and with tyre degradation high this may benefit the Ferrari’s as they look after their tyres very good, with no chance of rain we could see a normal race like we’ve had in Turkey with normal strategies.

The track’s new section is very bumpy so expect mistakes from the drivers.

Will Red Bull finish one two tomorrow? Have your say in the comments.

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