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Monday, June 28, 2010

Valancia Grand Prix Analysis:Hamilton Naughty boy

As all the teams brought new parts to this race and the track that is very hard to overtake .Qualifying was very important and we saw yesterday how tight the field is .

One of the big tames that was in need for a good result Ferrari and this weekend was very important for them as they put a big upgrade on their car and it proved to made the team faster,The Qualifying did not went the way Ferrari wants but they still managed fourth and fifth.

In the race the start was very critical as the track is very hard to overtake Lewis Hamilton made a great start from third on the grid as he passed Webber and was side by side with Vettel at the first corner.

With Mark Webber back to ninth after the first lap his race ruined and he was trying his best to bring home points.

The race was decided on lap ten where the safety car came out as the cars that passed the pit lane where Hamilton Alonso And Massa Hamilton passed the safety car illegaly and he pit and came out behind leader Sebastian Vettel ,Both Ferraris have to stay behind the safety car and when they pitted they came out 10th and 15th and they finished 8th and 11th (after the stewards panelties) While Hamilton who passed the safety car and was given a drive through penalty finished in second position that’s racing!!

Micheal Shumacher pitted from third but when he was going out the red light was on and he had to wait but for what I don't know ??

One man who had a different strategy was Kamui Kobayashi who stayed out and was on the harder tyre he did more than 50 laps on the hard tyres and pitted seven laps before the end from third position and came out just behind Alonso who was trying to pass Buemi but then got passed by Kamui Kobayashi and at the Final corner Buemi made a mistake and ran wide to let Kobayashi through.

This race should make the FIA look at the rules In a different way as if the Stewards gave Hamilton the Penalty right after the safety car he wouldn't finish second.
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