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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FOTA plans F1 emissions cut

The Formula One Teams’ Association expects to reduce carbon emissions in the sport by 12.4% by 2012.

A FOTA-commissioned report into the environmental impact of Formula found that each team produces an average of 215,558 tonnes of CO2 per year.
Of that, 0.29% comes from the burning of fuel by F1 cars in testing and races.
Over half an F1 teams’ emissions are produced in producing parts and electricity consumption accounts for another 30%.

FOTA chairman and McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh said:
The FIA and FOTA are already working together to tailor the 2013 technical regulations to ensuring that all engines and powertrains used in Formula One by that date will showcase, and provide a platform for the ongoing development of, technologies designed to enhance fuel efficiency.

Martin Whitmarsh

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