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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

RB6 Qualifying speed is revealed

Red Bull RB6 rear diffuser FIA formula1 world championship round 9 im Valancia
A secret of Red Bull's superior pace in the decisive Q3 phase of qualifying may have been revealed.

Autosprint's auto.it website reports that the team has a special electronic setting for the Renault engine that maintains a constant exhaust gas pressure.

When the setting is selected, the stream of gases flow constantly from the exhaust through the double diffuser, even when the driver of the RB6 is not pressing the throttle.
This would increase downforce at slow speeds.

The setting, revealed initially on the blog of the British journalist James Allen, is reportedly used sparingly - for example only in Q3 - because it is damaging to the engine.

The RB6 has been on pole position at 8 of the 9 grands prix so far this season.

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