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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Valancia Qualifying Analysis:Red Bull back on top

With almost all the teams bringing new parts to this as race as it’s stands for the season half way,with Ferrari, Renault ,Williams and Mercedes trying Red Bull’s ‘’blown diffuser’’exhaust it seems it worked well for Ferrari And Renault but what happened with Mercedes remains to be the biggest question.

With Micheal Shumacher down on 15th on the grid and teammate Rosberg on 12th and Micheal Shumacher was six tenth slower than his teammate,Micheal is driving for the first time on this track and Mercedes are bringing new parts to the race which could disturb Shumacher’s performance ,As for the first time this season Ross Brawn criticized him for his performance:

‘’Obviously I am disappointed with my position today and it is certainly not where I want to be. I had to fight with two things. Firstly, as in Canada we have a general problem with the tyres and we can't get them to work in qualifying. Secondly, I had some difficulties with the brakes and I was locking the front right all the time. This made things extra difficult and is something we need to understand’’

Micheal Shumacher

It’s still a question if Mercedes will keep developing this years car or switch their resources to next year and give Micheal Shumacher and Nico Rosberg a good car to fight for the championship.

One of teams that made a great step forward is Williams as they got both cars into Q3 and that will help them with their fight with Force India in the championship as it seems they jumped both Mercedes and Force India .Rubens Barrichello won in Valancia last year and is optimistic for the race tomorrow.

“It was a good qualifying session for the team. Ninth is a strong position to be starting from, but I could have done better than that if it weren’t for a problem with brake warm up in Q3. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and certainly feel we can achieve a top sixth finish as the car is looking competitive’’

Rubens Barrichello

Mclaren looking strong for the championship as they thought they would struggle here because they were late to adapt Red Bull’s ‘’blown diffuser’’exhaust but they will put it on the MP4_25 in Silverstone in two weeks time as it should be worth half a second .

Can Hamilton stop Red Bull from taking one-two finish tomorrow ,will Alonso make it to the podium ,if Red Bull finished one-two they will sail a way in the championship as the track should not suit their car,where in Silverstone with high speed corners .

Who will win in Valancia tomorrow ,have your say in the Comments?

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