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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Valancia Friday Analysis:Ferrari looking Strong

Ferrari looked strong on both friday sessions and the team think hte car is good on hugh fuel and low fuel loads with their good one lap performance they have a good pace to challenge for the top spots on qualifying.
Mclaren are not far from Fernando Alonso's pace with Lewis Hamilton very close even though he lost time behind Micheal Shumacher later in hte session.
Lewis Hamilton feels Ferrari have an advantage with their version of Red Bull’s ‘blown diffuser’ as they put it on the F10 before Mclaren.
It was always going to be interesting to see how quickly the blown-diffuser cars could get up to speed – and they looked very competitive this afternoon, particularly over a single lap. And the grip they appear to have through the high-speed stuff could make them difficult for us to touch.

          Lewis Hamilton

Red Bull were very quick as expected in the final sector were there is high speed corners and with their F-DUCT it's remain to be seen if they will use it tomorrow or not but it seems they got it working good for them.

Mercedes were again fast with Nico Rosberg but as always that does not give as a clear vesion of their true pace,Shumacher spent both sessions learning the track as it's his first visit to the track and he reported he hasn't find it's rhythm yet.
"It was exciting to drive the track for the first time today, probably even to a bigger extent than I had anticipated yesterday after checking it. So this morning for me was mostly about getting a feeling for the track. You need to get used to it but I found it quite comfortable to drive even if some of the corners are blind. However it's demanding to get the real rhythm which I have not totally found over one lap yet. The long runs went okay and all in all it was not too bad today, depending on the fuel loads obviously which we need to look into more deeply now. Regarding Lewis, I must apologise as I did not see him and was not informed that he was there. As I was planning my lap at that moment and looking ahead, I was unfortunately in his way."

Micheal Shumacher
We re going to see a great battle tomorrow in Q3 and the other thing is we are going to see a lot of surprises with big names failing to make it to Q3 as the battle in the midfield is very close.

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