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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Micheal Shumacher come back is it that worse ??

Many peaple have said very bad words about Micheal Shumacher's come back to Formula1 and so many peaple think that he made a mistake coming back and that he would repulsive to his big history.
Maybe we should wait and see what Micheal can do after the first half of the season and we must consider that the MPG_001 is not up to the pace of the leaders,and we must also be aware of that Micheal Shumacher is almost matching the pace of his teammate Nico Rosberg.
Always when a driver comes to a new team it takes up to half a season for the driver to be comfortable with the new team and with in season testing ban it takes more than that.
I'm expecting Micheal Shumacher to be back and up to speed within a race or two and by the end of the season he will be higher in the rankings than his teammate Rosberg,but the championship this season is out of reach,that will be determined in the next two races by the Mercedes team.
But the big question that keep confusing me is that Red Bul and Mercedes(Brawn )last year they were very close last year, why the Mercedes is far from Red Bull's pace at the start of the season and now?
where do you think Micheal Shumacher will finish this season in the championship ?
have your say in the comments.

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