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Monday, June 14, 2010

Ferrari to use KERS throughout 2011 season

Ferrari will run a KERS-equipped car in every race of next year's world championship, team boss Stefano Domenicali has revealed.

The confirmation was made after the F1 teams met in Canada to discuss technical matters relating to the 2011 season.

Adjustable rear wings are also set to debut in order to boost overtaking, and FOTA's ban on using energy-recovering KERS systems is to lapse.
Some teams including Ferrari had pushed hard to make the KERS systems much more powerful in 2011, but agreement has instead been made to lift the minimum weight of the car-plus-driver.

As the weight handicap was considered among the problems of the KERS debut in 2009, the minimum limit will rise from 620 to 640kg next year.

"The teams have agreed on that," Domenicali confirmed.

"We would have preferred to see a solution with much more energy being available (to KERS), but unfortunately an agreement could not be found."

It is understood that the reason for staying with a lower power output is that some manufacturers would have had trouble adapting their existing technology.

However, while it has been suggested that another major problem for KERS in 2009 is that the systems were voluntary to run, it has emerged that the units will not be compulsory in 2011.

Mercedes, for instance, is considering whether to use KERS next year, even though a programme has already been initiated by the Brackley based squad with a view to a 2011 implementation.

"We will make a decision (about KERS for 2011) within four to six weeks," said Ross Brawn.

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