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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Turkish Grand Prix Preview

Formula1 World Chamionship to Turkey for round seven ,The Istanbul Track 5.338 km and has a lot of high speed corners which require high Downforce level ,and the back straight that also need a car with high top speed.which will make the F-DUCT work good in this circut.
Ferrari will bring back thier own version but with small difference the new system will be more user friendly ,in Barcelona we saw Fernando Alonso take his hand of the steering wheel in the straight to activate the system .
Red Bull will test the system for the first time this season if they find it useful they will use it Qualifying and the race .
The question is will Red Bull get that big margin we saw back in Barcelona as in Monaco we could not see the real strengthen of the RB6 ?
Sebastian Vettel will try to repeat last years Pole and  Mark Webber will hope to keep his momentum as he and teammate Vettel have 78 points each .
In Ferrari's garage Massa will need to outpace first his teammate and the Red Bulls as he had won three times in a row from pole,Bridgestone is bringing its Soft and Hard compounds which suits the F10 :
Generally, the characteristics of the track, which runs anti-clockwise, should suit the car well. Bridgestone is bringing its Soft and Hard compounds, which theoretically have not been best suited to the F10, but much work has been done in this area to improve the situation and make the car competitive whatever tyre choice is available.
Mercedes will bring the longer wheelbase car they used in Barcelona , the car that suited Micheal Shumacher and let finish infront of his teammate ,Shumacher is eager for a good result after his 20 second panelty in Monaco.
Renualt has played down expectations after thier podium in Monaco Kubica will do his best to stay with the top 8

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